Design Services

CSE Engineering, Inc. provides a wide spectrum of structural engineering design services to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Construction Administration
  • Seismic Renovation
  • Light Gauge Systems
  • Building Code Review
  • Structural Evaluations


CSE Engineering, Inc. has over the years been the principle structural engineer on many commercial projects throughout the United States. Working with the project design team and owners we have successfully completed facilities that include office buildings, healthcare facilities, communication centers, retail stores, restaurants, and religious institutions.

Government – Military

CSE Engineering, Inc. is proud to be involved in providing structural design services to our military branches. CSE has been the structural engineer on a variety of projects including observation towers, MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) structures, aircraft shelters and office buildings.

Industrial Manufacturing

CSE Engineering, Inc. continues to provide our industrial/manufacturing clients with the structural design service they require to maintain their operations. Whether it be new manufacturing facilities, building additions, structural evaluations, equipment design, equipment support design or fall protection, CSE is committed to providing our industrial clients with immediate and exceptional service.


CSE Engineering, Inc. isĀ  committed to excellence and has provided structural design services to the educational system that has included new classroom and training facilities, existing classroom remodel and structural evaluations. CSE works close with our clients to ensure that the designs are done on time and within budget.


CSE Engineering, Inc. provides the community with the structural engineering service they require to make their new residence a reality. Generally, homeowners do not require the assistance of a structural engineer, but in those cases where they do, CSE is committed to provide them with the service they need to make their project a reality.

Building Code Review

CSE Engineering, Inc. provides structural design review service to municipalities that require assistance during plan review. CSE has extensive experience in the structural design of many building structures and brings this experience to our municipal clients during the building code plan review process. CSE has been the structural plan reviewer on many structures including schools, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and apartment complexes.